To support a national movement opposed to war with Iraq, or to sign petitions to Congress against the war with Iraq:

The Houston Coalition for Justice Not War provides valuable background information as well as venues for Houstonians to become involved in efforts to stop the war against Iraq. They also sponsor a weekly vigil at Mecom Fountain across from Hermann Park every Friday evening 5-8pm:

To learn about US administration bias in the media:

Executive Director of Public Search, Greg LeRoy, analysis on the First Gulf War and the current crisis:
gulf_war_I_deceit 1_1991.pdf

Local Pacifica Station KPFT 90.1 FM has daily war and peace reports, 8 - 10 am, 5 - 8 pm:

A valuable internet discussion group of academics for peace:

A website with alternative news sources:

Al Qaeda is able to recruit because of a pattern of injustices by the West, most notably the Palestinian issue. To learn more about the Palestinian & Middle East Issues:

Robert Scheer is a syndicated national columnist who writes with clarity on many issues:

Noted MIT Professor Noam Chomsky is interviewed by the Guardian (UK) on the antiwar movement:,11660,888651,00.html

Houston is part of an Independent Media Collaborative:

A valuable look at the history of Iraq:

Many of the current administrations biggest hawks have supported Iraq in the past, including Dick Cheney & Donald Rumsfield:

1. A War Against Iraq Would Be Illegal
2. Regional Allies Widely Oppose a U.S. Attack
3. There Is No Evidence of Iraqi Links to Al Qaeda or Other Anti-American Terrorists
4. There Is No Proof that Iraq Is Developing Weapons of Mass Destruction
5. Iraq Is No Longer a Significant Military Threat to Its Neighbors
6. There Are Still Nonmilitary Options Available
7. Defeating Iraq Would Be Militarily Difficult

Another Iraq reference:

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